Ardour Digital audio workstation

In dit artikel beschrijven we de installatie van Ardour samen met jack sound server in Linux Mint

doe volgende procedure (engels)

install qjackctl through the sofware manager or with terminal

sudo apt update
sudo apt install qjackctl


install ardour through the sofware manager

check if group audio exist

getent group

if not,

sudo groupadd audio

check your user is assigned to the group audio
if not,
usermod -a -G audio username

change limits.conf file

sudo xed /etc/security/limits.conf

add following lines add the end off the file

@audio – rtprio 95
@audio – memlock unlimited

Logout and back in
If that does not work, reboot

setup the jack server

check box on “no memory lock”
frames =512 or 1024

the rest default as is

startup the server with the start button

launch ardour
set audio to jack
sample rate = 48000 Hz

if ardour not working because of realtime isues you need to configure jack in real time mode with following code

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -p high jackd2

restart qjackctl and launch ardour again, now everything should work perfectly.

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