Project2 : Arduino Uno/Nano digital home thermostat

In this project we create a thermostat with a hysteresis 0.25C and a digital setable setpoint.
The setpoint is setable with 2 push buttons and all the parrameters can be read from the display.
Also is there a circuit provided to stabelize the analog input and  this input took an average of 10 measurments
before calculating if the thermostat needs to change state. With these implementations de thermostat works very accurate and saves money and energy.
The thermostat uses a very simple K164 10K NTC resistor to read the actual temperature.
In the circuit you'll find every connection to be made included the display.
We rewrite the library for the display because there where some errors in the original library.
The whole project can be downloaded in a zip file, and to read the *.cpp file just change the extension to *.txt and copy it to the arduino IDE, compile and upload it to the Arduino after you insert the new lcd library.
For these action you can find help from the Arduino website


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